A Powerful Business Assessment

Get a Custom Plan to Optimize Your Small Business.

You need a plan to grow your small business. Take the 10-minute assessment, and you'll get a FREE, customized plan that will optimize your small business so it generates more revenue and profit.

My Business Report — Report layer
My Business Report — Report layer
My Business Report — Report layer
My Business Report — Report layer

Your business is like an airplane.

When you know how to build the six parts of your business, you build a business that works.

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Grow your business by aligning your team around THREE economic priorities. Your team will love you for it.

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Right Engine

Learn to clarify your message so your customers place orders.

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Left Engine

You'll close more sales when you stop selling and invite customers into a story.

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Increase your revenue by prioritizing (and making) products that are high in demand and high in profit.

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Overhead & Operations


Run a lean business by organizing your entire team using only five meetings.

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Cash Flow

Fuel Tanks

Install a simple, easy playbook that ensures you never run out of cash.

Your report will show you where your small business is performing well, where you need to improve, and give you a customized plan to make it more profitable.

How the report works

1. Complete the short assessment

The assessment will take you 10 minutes to complete and is designed to give you a detailed diagnosis of your business.

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2. Get your report

You'll receive a grade for each of the six parts of your business.

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3. Optimize your business

In addition to your customized report, you'll receive a plan with next steps you can immediately take to optimize your business for revenue.

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I don't have the time for trial and error. People are depending on me to move quickly and to get it right. My Business Report shined a light...a laser right where I needed to focus AND gave me the steps to implement right away.

Jake Brown, Air Balloon Advisory

Your Business Is Unique.
To Fix It, You Need a Customized Plan.

My Business Report is designed to help small business owners discover what's going wrong with your business and provide valuable solutions to make it grow.

A report will be sent to you when you complete the assessment. You can use the report to optimize your business.

A good business should operate like an airplane. If your business is engineered correctly and working efficiently, it should solve customers' problems and create profitable revenue.

If your business is not engineered well or is not optimized, your business could crash. At Business Made Simple, we teach business owners that the six parts of their business help it grow far and fast.

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How the Assessment Works